Want to turn your WordPress website into an app?

Do you want to do more with your WordPress website? This way you get more out of your content.

Developing a mobile application for your company has many advantages. For example, a mobile application may be available offline, whereas a website can only be viewed online.

With an app you are closer to your users

In general, a mobile app is more user-friendly and faster. Another important advantage of an app is that it uses the functions of your mobile. Think of the camera, microphone, location, access to your photo gallery just to name a few. A site cannot do that. And that is an important difference between an app and website.

Your mobile app is on your user’s home screen. It can be opened with a tap on the screen, and the connection with your users becomes closer.

Having an app offers a huge range of interactive functionality, for example you can add soundtracks that your users can download to play offline.

Integration with other services

An app makes it easy to integrate with existing applications or services. You have probably seen in an app that you can log in with Google, this is an example of such an integration with another service.

You also have access to platform-specific functionality, such as iCloud or Amazon Alexa

Detailed analytics

Via an app you can easily view a lot of detailed analytics. For example, how many users your app has, or which action is performed most by your users.

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