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Request a cost indication

We work together during the project and we only send an invoice when the product has been delivered in its entirety. The costs are always fixed from the start of the project. In some cases, we charge the costs of third-party services separately.

I want a logo

We would love to help you with your unique logo! Send an email to and we try to respond as soon as possible.

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We are happy to make an appointment with you. Send us an email and we will call/email you back as soon as possible.

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We are happy to help you with technical problems. Send us an email. Technical support is charged by us per hour (no fixed amount).

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Design Driven Development

Room for creativity and a product that suits your customers/users.

I now have a beautiful product, but now what?

We have a large network of experts, promoters with whom we work closely and consult with. If you need more help with, for example, marketing, social media or monetization, we can always refer you to a reliable entrepreneur.